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Trade Show 2016

Trade Show 2016

while acknowledging that fairs play an important role in the whole set of events in our industry, in the past few months our business strategies have changed and we need to follow new guidelines to be closer to the needs of our customers.
This is only the first step in a series of new initiatives that will involve our whole social structure.

After so many years of active participation in the various national trade shows we decided to set ourselves new goals for riding and reach the success that has characterized our company and the brands that we represent.

Today, 50 years after the founding of LARM, as a result of the evolution of our development model along with the scenario in which we work with passion and dedication, we made the decision not to take part in any fair.
This conclusion was very thoughtful, but it was also helpful in providing new ideas and paving the way for a renewal of the dialogue between our customers and us.

Now, our main goal will be to identify customers with whom to develop strong collaborative relationships, facilitating integration and mutual exchange of knowledge.

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